People Are Paying The Undertaker $1000 To Do Cameos For Them And The Results Are Incredible

What the hell did I just watch?

If you were worried about The Undertaker having nothing to do following his retirement from pro wrestling at Survivor Series the other night, fear not. The Dead Man is raking it in by charging $1000 to deliver a custom message to you or your loved ones, and the results really are incredible.

I mean if kayfabe wasn’t completely dead to you before, wait until you get a load of these clips:

Amazing. I don’t know whether to laugh at the absolute surrealness of The Undertaker becoming a cameo whore or mourn my childhood for the same reason. I mean is he really that strapped for cash that he needs to do stuff like this?!

Then again, you wouldn’t say no to filming a 30 second clip for $1000, would you? Probably made 10 of these in half an hour and is gonna be piling up money as the Dead Man until he literally is dead. Let’s just hope no one asks him to send a message to the NHS or anyone battling COVID in hospital. Not sure his ‘Rest In Peace’ catchphrase would go down too well in that scenario.

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