The Undertaker Finally Retired After 30 Years In The Business At Survivor Series Last Night


When it comes to wrestling, I don’t think there are too many wrestlers out there that are more famous than The Undertaker. Sure, you can argue that The Rock and Hulk Hogan probably are, but they kind of transcended the business and became major movie stars in their own right, whereas The Undertaker has only really stayed in wrestling for his entire career and is still pretty much a household name. He’s synonymous with the industry.

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Anyway, however you feel about that there’s no denying that The Undertaker has been an absolute legend of the business and he’s always been around, so it’s kind of weird and sad that he actually decided to retire last night at Survivor Series. Of course, this is wrestling so when somebody decides to hang up their boots it probably means that they still have one last match in them, but The Undertaker is so old and beat up that I really think this could be the last we see of him, although he’ll probably still show up from time to time as a special guest referee or whatever.

If you want to watch the whole of his farewell appearance then I think you’ll probably have to buy Survivor Series, but for the time being here’s a tribute video, Vince McMahon’s introduction and a couple of words from The Dead Man himself:

Emotional stuff. Really did get some shivers on my neck from that Undertaker speech even if I only saw a little snippet. Respect to one of the true GOATs.

I gotta say as well that it’s obviously sucked not having any fans in arenas/stadiums for live events over the past six months or however long it’s been, but not having anyone in the building for Undertaker’s farewell speech really does seem unfair to the guy and the fans. Can you imagine the level of applause and love this guy would have received for his contributions to the business over the last 30 years?

The scenes really would have been unparalleled. I hope that they let him come back when fans are allowed back in arenas for a proper farewell at Wrestlemania 2022 because the guy deserves it and I don’t think we would ever see anything like it ever again. Needs to happen.

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