This Is The Ultimate Christmas Burger – But Is It Going Too Far?

Ultimate Christmas Burger

Five bird roast, Angus beef, sprouts, topped with a pig in blanket.

With the world’s current fascination with burger porn – such as the deep fried Twinkie burger and the double donut bacon and cheese burger – it’s not really any surprise that we would be inundated with a bunch of Christmas burgers this festive season.

This might be the most decadent burger we’ve ever featured though as it comes with two brioche buns (standard), a piece of Aldi five bird roast and a 6 oz Angus beef and venison patty. Accompanying this are deep fried sprouts, stuffing friend in panko (Japanese style breadcrumbs), chestnut pieces, cranberry and port sauce and turkey gravy. It’s rounded all off with a candied pig in blanket stuck on the top.


Wow, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s pretty outrageous and although it looks great you would probably have to be a competitive eater to manage to get it all down you. Good luck with picking it up and even fitting it all in your mouth too.

Oh and if you’re wondering why the hell they picked an Aldi five bird roast, apparently the chefs tested seven multi-bird roasts from various supermarkets and that was by far and away the best. Probably nothing to do with the fact that it was also by far and away the cheapest right?

If you fancy taking the challenge it’s available in Manchester at Solita right now. If you head down take some pictures and send us a review.


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