The ‘UK’s Answer To Kim K’ Just Took Her Fame Campaign Up A Notch

Classy as always.

We reported recently on reality TV star Lisa Appleton, who has been trying her best to become ‘the UK’s answer to Kim Kardashian’ in the least classiest fashion possible.

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The former ‘Big Brother’ star is clearly not giving up, as she was pictured in another dodgy display as she spent time in Liverpool this week. On Sunday night, Lisa caught the attention of passersby by wearing a PVC catsuit and handcuffing herself to a railing:

lisa-appleton-1 lisa-appleton-2 lisa-appleton-3 lisa-appleton-4

There’s no news on why she decided to chain herself to the railing, although she was more than happy to pose for the cameras, so I’m going to assume that it’s all part of her master plan. Good effort. She’ll be stealing that celebrity throne in no time.

For an even more NSFW attention grabbing moment from Lisa Appleton, click HERE.


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