Lisa Appleton Continues Her Attempt To Become ‘The UK Kim Kardashian’ (PHOTOS)


A+ for effort.

Not so long ago we reported on how reality TV star, Lisa Appleton, (2008 edition of ‘Big Brother’ in case you can’t remember) had decided she wanted to be the UK’s answer to Kim Kardashian. You’ve got to dream big, haven’t you?

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By the looks of things, her effort continues as she was spotted posing topless for the cameras during a sunbathing session in Spain. Lisa covered her modesty with one arm, while smiling at the cameramen with a full face of make-up. That is just so Kim K.


This holiday comes just shortly after she announced she had split from her latest toyboy Paul, as her “antics” had become too much for him. Maybe now it’s time for Lisa to find her Kanye. And then the pair of them could work on their plan for UK domination.


If she really is gunning for the title of ‘The UK Kim Kardashian’ then it’s probably about time she released a sex tape. We all know that’s the claim to fame these days.


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