Two Male Kangaroos Have A Fist Fight On An Australian Suburban Street

Kangaroo Fight

We’ve never seen anything like this before.

I assume that animals fight each other all the time but I just never really think about how it goes down or how they actually go about fighting each other – this giraffe fight from a couple of years ago absolutely blew my mind for example – and now it’s the turn of a kangaroo fight.

Even more bizarrely, this takes place in an Australian suburban street which is really weird because what the hell are these  two kangaroos doing there? And why the hell have they got so much beef with each other in any case? Questions that will probably never be answered, but hey at least we get to see the crazy fist fight.

Judging by this video I don’t think we’ll be adding kangaroos to this list of animals we reckon we can take in a fight anytime soon.


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