Top 5 Animals We Could Take In A Fight

Which ‘dangerous’ animal could you take in a fight? Have you ever fought an animal to the death? We decided to compile a list of dangerous animals we’d feel fairly confident in taking on should the situation ever arise. Here’s Top 5 Animals We Could Take In A Fight.

Had a fight with a goat once. Adrenaline soared, time slowed down, I grabbed hold of its horns and we danced on the mountains under the searing Greek sun. Then I gave him a few good kicks until he left me alone. Thinking back, if it was a ‘serious’ fight, I could have taken that goat.

Goats aren’t really dangerous though, so there’d be no pride in killing one. We can all kick the FUCK out of goats, cats, hamsters — their willingness to fight back might be disconcerting, but not deadly.

So for this list we’re going to go for animals that most people would consider ‘dangerous’ — as in the ability to kill you. So basically, imagine you’re locked in a room with these animals, and you’re fighting to the death:

Venomous Snake


We’ve been raised to be afraid of snakes, but rest assured their danger levels aren’t as high as you think. Snakes can barely even see — it wouldn’t be too difficult to just jump up and stomp it on its head while it was trying to figure out where you are. You just need the confidence to go for it and a minor bit of athleticism and precision. Snakes are nothing when they’re not sneaking up on you.

☛ NSFW: Poisonous Snake Destroys Bear Grylls’ Producer’s Foot

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