Two And A Half Men Just Had The Dumbest Series Finale Of All Time

Two And A Half Men


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Two And A Half Men is apparently the most watched TV show in America – which is absolutely insane, absolutely unfathomably insane – and last night it aired its last ever episode. In the run up to the episode, rumours had been circulating that Charlie Sheen might make an appearance in the show that he was so memorably fired from in 2010 for pretty much being a coke fuelled psychopath. The fans – which there are apparently a whole ton of – would have gone absolutely crazy for that, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen and instead we were treated to one of the weirdest finales to a series in history. The show ends with a guy who looks like Charlie Sheen walking to the door of the house – you don’t see his face – and then ringing the doorbell. A piano then falls out of the sky and crushes him to death. The camera then pans back to producer Chuck Lorre sitting in a chair who smiles and exclaims Sheen’s ‘Winning’ catchphrase. A piano then flattens him too.

No, I’m not making it up. You can watch it below if you want. No, it doesn’t make any sense and no it isn’t funny but I’m getting the feeling that maybe I’m just not getting it and this is the reason that Two And A Half Men is so successful, because of hilarious gags like this that for some reason I just can’t comprehend? Is that the secret? It’s not the show, it’s actually me who isn’t funny?

Lorre also left a calling card on the end credits, which had another dig at Sheen and doesn’t really make any sense. What a waste of time. Can you believe that this show was on the air for twelve godforsaken years? I despair.

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Chuck Lorre Calling Card


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