Dannii Minogue ‘Fights Back Tears’ As She Announces She Identifies As ‘Queer’



Looks like Dannii Minogue is making a TV comeback as the host of BBC Three’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ (basically Love Island for lesbians), and so what better time to reveal to the world that she identifies as queer.

At the launch of the show on Thursday, 52-year-old Dannii reportedly fought back tears as she announced that she is a queer woman:

‘I identify as queer in a weird way.’

Talking about the show, she said:

‘This is so important. There hasn’t been a show for the girls in the reality gay dating world.

It’s like we need this to happen. I’m hoping that there are parties up and down the country.’

Parties over a lesbian reality TV show? I mean, it’s great that it’s happening and all, but she’s acting like women have just won the right to vote or something? Chill out, Dannii!

When flat-out asked if Danni is attracted to women like the contestants on the show, she added:

‘You girls are hot. You know it. I love it. I’m here for it. Is that an answer?’

Well, I guess that’s an answer. Have to admit, I’ve always been a bit confused about the word ‘queer’ because it was an offensive term when I was growing up and now seems to be quite trendy to identify with.

According to Stonewall, it’s defined as ‘a term used by those wanting to reject specific labels of romantic orientation, sexual orientation and/or gender identity’. Which is a bit broad and vague and ambiguous, but OK.

Dannii Minogue has been in a relationship with musician Adrian Newman for the past 10 years – wonder if he knew that his missus was queer all this time?

Well anyway, good on Dannii Minogue for fighting through the tears to bring the world her queer revelation. Greatest Hits incoming by the end of the year?

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