TV Hosts Double Down And Defend Asking Jake Paul If It Was Racist To Knock Out Nate Robinson

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Jake Paul is making a lot of waves in the boxing world after he knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson a couple of weeks ago (kind of?), but one of the more bizarre situations he’s become involved in was on VICE TV’s late night show ‘Stick To Sports’ on Tuesday where he was asked by the hosts if it was racist or not of him to KO Nate.

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We said at the time that it seemed like Jemele Hill and Cari Champion were trolling Paul by asking him such a dumb question, but we weren’t really sure because the segment was so absurd and dumb that it almost seemed like it could be real as well? Was hard to tell.

Anyway, this obviously didn’t go down too well with the internet because race clearly doesn’t have anything to do with two grown men boxing each other and one of them getting knocked out. Nevertheless, Hill and  Champion aren’t having any of it and have instead decided to double down and defend their line of questioning, explaining via their Twitter accounts that they were surprised by the backlash because it seemed clear to them being POC themselves that they were just joking.

Yeah I mean have they even seen the segment back? It’s not clear at all that they’re joking and the whole incident is just an absurd shambles. Jake Paul certainly wasn’t in on the joke anyway.

People on the internet still weren’t happy with their excuses and just thought the whole thing was a shit show:

Yeah, kinda agree with them to be honest. Jake Paul didn’t think this was funny and neither did anyone on the internet or watching at home and that’s when you know you’ve got a problem. Surprised whoever is in charge at VICE these days let that shit air to be honest, but I guess that kinda sums up VICE these days too. Shots fired.

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