Jake Paul Says He’s Going To Dedicate His Life To Beating Conor McGregor

Sounds like he’s serious.

Jake Paul has been in the spotlight a lot over the last week after knocking out Nate Robinson in their boxing match last week and insisting that Conor McGregor is next on his hit list and it doesn’t seem like he’s ever going to shut up about it until he gets in the ring with him.

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His latest soundbite comes courtesy of an interview with ESPN where he revealed that he’s going to dedicate his life to beating the former two weight UFC champion. Here’s what he had to say:

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I am dedicating my life to beating Conor McGregor.

Financially, it already makes sense. Financially, I’m already one of the biggest prize fighters and there’s only a couple more bosses to check off and to beat and to conquer.”

I want to fight a couple more people first’.

We’re figuring that out. I want to prove to the world that, ‘Yo, I’m gonna knock out all these fighters’.

Conor McGregor can maybe be the final boss.

If we were playing a video game, he could be the final boss.

And then I’ll probably retire after I beat McGregor.

I guess it’s nice that the guy is so confident, but does he really think he’s going to have what it takes to beat an elite level fighter like Conor McGregor, especially when he’s comparing his whole entire life to a video game? Again, I suppose if he dedicates his entire life to getting the victory then he should have somewhat of a chance, but if Conor does end up beating the shit out of him it’s going to be even more embarrassing for him.

Imagine training so hard for something and then getting made to look like a fool. That’s going to be entertaining, I don’t care what you say. Remains to be seen whether or not it will actually happen though.

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