Top Ten British Grit Flicks

The UK has brought out some modern classics over the last few years and detailed below is only a handful of what British Cinema has to offer.


This Is England

Set in the 1980’s ‘This Is England’ shone some light over the controversial subject matter of racism and white nationalism that was evident during struggling times and taken full advantage of by political parties such as the National Front. Despite the dark subject matter Shane Meadows is able to create some likeable characters that you can’t help but root for even in sight of all their flaws and the movie goes on to show that skinheads weren’t necessarily as racist as people perceived them to be.

The plot revolves around Combo — played by Stephen Graham – leading young impressionable Shaun down the same rocky road he and the other flawed characters have travelled and attempting to mould him into a hate filled aggressor like himself but throughout the movie you can’t help but feel that even Combo isn’t really sure what he is hating.

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