Top 6 Weirdest News Of The Week – #1 Is Outrageous

This week’s world of weird news brings you a two nosed dog, a really fat cat, a taser attack, a weird statue and a man with a tail.

5) Statue Of Sleepwalker Spins Out Students

Weird News - Sleepwalker Statue

Public art is always a sticky topic. If you put a statue in a public space someone will always have a winge and a moan about it. After all, art is highly subjective so some people will get it and some people won’t get it and others will down right hate it. My personal opinion is that people should get a grip and deal with it. If you don’t like a statue in your town centre, get over it. You stupid winging mong, get a life. It’s just a friggin’ statue it won’t bite.

Weird News - Sleepwalker Statue 2

Having said that, I can almost understand the reasons for people’s complaints about this sleepwalker statue by Tony Matelli that’s recently appeared at Massachusetts college’s Davis Museum. As I say I can almost understand. People should still get over themselves, it’s just a statue, and a pretty cool one at that.

They’ve had 300 signatures on a petition for its removal. I’m planning on tracking down every single one of those signatories and throwing frozen chunks of cat sick at their house.

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