Jellyfish Sting

Peeing on a jellyfish sting will fix it? Yeah right! You douche bag. That’s just one of the ten body myths that LifeHacker have gone and busted.

Jellyfish Sting

We all grew up believing certain things were 100% true because we’d heard about it on the TV, in films, from our trusted buddies or through people we respected in the entertainment industry (Outhere Brothers, Zac from saved by the bell etc). But has anyone ever actually bothered to check out some FACTS behind these wild rumours? I hadn’t until I came across this article by LifeHacker which totally debunks ten things you’d definitely bet £20 on after a few Stellas.

Here’s a list of what they’ve dis-proven. Make sure you check out their explanations for each myth they debunk here.

Myth 1:

Body Hair Grows Back Thicker When You Shave It

Myth 2:

Calories Counting Is All That Matters for Weight Management

Myth 3:

You Need Eight Hours of Sleep Per Day

Myth 4:

Reading in Dim Light Ruins Your Eyes

Myth 5:

Urinating on a Jellyfish Sting will Sooth the Pain

Myth 6:

Your Slow Metabolism Makes You Fat

Myth 7:

You’ll Catch a Cold from Cold (and Wet) Weather Conditions

Myth 8:

More Heat Escapes Through Your Head

Myth 9:

High Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease

Myth 10:

It’s Dangerous to Wake a Sleepwalker


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