100% Awesome Abandoned Monuments In Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia Spomenik Communist Symbol

Some MASSIVELY amazing Yugoslavian monuments. History, art and shizzle all rolled in to one massive concrete carpet of confusion. War is rubbish, but artifacts are brill.

Yugoslavia: who knows anything about it? Not me. Well, it was a country, there’s a start. Now it’s a few countries. One word I did enjoy on my brief trip down Wikipedia Lane that’s worth bringing to the table is Yugosphere which is used to describe the “present day physical areas which formed Yugoslavia”. Yugosphere…. repeat it out loud, I don’t care where you are, say it with pride: “YUGOSPHERE!”.

Any-who, I just wanted to draw your collective attention to these incredible World War II sculptures that were erected in the 60’s and 70’s, and have been left in disrepair. There’s literally hundreds of them and they commemorate various victors, battles and heroes of the war; I have never seen anything quite like them. At one time they were visited by coaches of studious students and local tourists, but since communism was ousted and everyone has gone their separate ways, these imposing images have been left out to rot. It seems that some of the war tales em-parted are believed by many to be spin and exaggeration, and for other locals the installations commemorate genocide, so perhaps they have been shunned for good reason. No one needs any more international beefs. There’s already plenty to go around. The Spomeniks, as they are called, are all formed of concrete: stark but durable. There’s something about their creepy state of disrepair that actually improves them I reckon.

Here’s some of my faves for you to peruse:

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Yugoslavia Tjentište

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