The ten best goals of the year nominated for the Ferenc Puskas award have been announced by FIFA.

It’s always a special time when the top ten goals of the year are announced by FIFA as you just never know who’s going to be in there with a chance at winning the Ferenc Puskas award. Who would have thought that little known Irishman Matty Burrows would have received a nomination last year for his insane volleyed backheeled lob? Well maybe a few people after they had seen it because it IS that skilful but probably not many at the start of the year. I mean nobody had even heard of Matty Burrows at the start of the year.

Anyway, this is about the 2011 Ferenc Puskas award not the 2010 competition and we’ve got the usual familiar faces in the competition – Messi, Zlatan and Rooney – but also some surprises, most notably Heather O’Reilly. Yeah, I’m not joking, a woman has been nominated for the Ferenc Puskas award. I’m not really sure what to say about that. I mean have they not seen Scott Dann’s goal for Birmingham against Blackpool? Surely that is better than any goal a woman can score?

Damn, I’m sounding a bit Andy Gray/Richard Keyes there, I guess I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve actually seen the goal – I haven’t seen it yet but I’ll let you know what I think about it after you’ve watched the video of the nominees below. Other nominees include Neymar, Benjamin De Cuelear, Giovani Dos Santos, Julio Gomez, Lisandro Lopez and Dejan Stankovic. That a lot of these players have been featured on Sick Chirpse before is no coincidence. Anyway, enjoy the goals below to banging techno track that remixes a football chant and then somehow turns into a Nickelback song:

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So yeah what did you think? I don’t know how I can say this without sounding like a sexist pig but Heather O’Reilly’s goal must have been included simply to have a woman’s goal included. I mean Frank Lampard used to score goals like that every week. Even Cameron Jerome has scored a goal a bit like that. It’s not really that impressive.

Other than that I think including three bicycle kicks is a bit lame –  I think Rooney’s was probably the best but Lopez’s looked really good too….wasn’t that impressed with Gomez’s other than the fact it was in the last minute and I think won Mexico some kind of championship (is that true Joaquin?). Messi’s was a bit meh, Zlatan’s was pretty good but I think my favourite was either Neymar’s or Stankovic’s or maybe Benjamin De Cuelear’s. Like Neymar’s is some outrageous skill and a run, Stankovic’s is just completely sick and Benjamin De Cuelear’s is really awesome too. He won’t win though because nobody has heard of him. With that in mind, my pick is Neymar’s.What’s your favourites?

Also it’s pretty funny that Giovani Dos Santos is in there, does he still play for Tottenham or what? And where the hell are the Matias Urbano’s robana goals? Or Jone Samuelson’s header from his own half? Shoddy list again this year. Especially Heather O’Reilly.

You can vote on the official site right here. The top three get announced on Decmeber 5th, then the winner gets announced on January 9th. We’ll keep you informed.


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