Top 10 Forgotten Figureheads of ‘Grime’


If you had ‘Channel U’ as a kid in the noughties you would have probably heard of a few of these guys, if not…you were missing out.

If you had Channel U back in the day, you may have heard of some of these guys. If not, you missed out on some hard music, crazy beats, and some right aggressive posturing.

Here’s our Top 10 list of forgotten figureheads of the Noughties grime explosion:

10. P2J Project

This collective popped up seemingly overnight and then vanished with one notable ‘hype’ track, ‘Hands In The Air’ – one of the best of the ‘Channel U’ era. My personal favourite member at the time was ‘Gritty Kid’ and his almost incomprehensible verse littered with what can only be likened to a crow screaming. The bloke looks like he’s trying to dance off a seizure in a leather sleeved Avirex jacket during the chorus.


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