Tommy Robinson Confronted By Roadman While On Holiday With His Family (VIDEO)

Is it OK to confront Tommy Robinson like this in front of his children?

Following his meeting with a Black Lives Matter activist that nearly resulted in him being bashed with a hammer, Tommy Robinson has taken his family abroad for a nice relaxing holiday where he doesn’t need to worry about the implications of being an EDL co-founder and his association with the far-right.

Except he happened to be spotted by some London roadman who was also on holiday and took the opportunity to confront Tommy on camera:

Now there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t confront Tommy Robinson in public considering he does stuff like that all the time, but is it a bit shitty to do it in front of his kids? Reaction online has been mixed:

I can see both sides of it really, but I guess we should just be thankful that things didn’t escalate into a full-blown physical confrontation despite this guy saying he’s from the roads and acting like he was about to do some damage. Wonder if it would have played out any differently if Tommy’s kids weren’t there?

To watch a supercut of ‘far right’ football lads fighting with BLM protesters in London, click HERE.


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