Tom Hardy Just Hit Back Hard At The Journalist Who Ripped Into Him On Twitter



You probably saw the story on the site the other day about how Tom Hardy got absolutely rinsed by a journalist on Twitter for being a dick.

This journalist had been at a press junket featuring Hardy, been forced to wait three hours and then told that the interview wasn’t actually going to happen. He couldn’t hold his anger in any longer and decided to go on a Twitter rant which later got deleted but still ended up posted all over the internet, lol. You can read it by clicking on the link above.

Surprisingly, Tom Hardy wasn’t going to let what some nobody journalist tweet about him go, and instead decided to respond with this lengthy statement on his personal website. Here goes:

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Dear Drew,

Thankyou for your email offering to retract your misdirected anger. I apologise for any part of you having to wait for an interview and then not get one. The truth is we (as I was paired for all interviews that day) were unaware that ANYBODY was waiting. Or even went without a TV interview. Someone somewhere must have thought putting it on me was a lot easier than losing their journalist relations for the ongoing junkets and multiple movies that are pending. I wish I would have napped to be honest.

One note to make is that per Fox, they said they “never actually told (you) that the interview was cancelled, simply that they were running behind schedule.” They also said that “Drew chose not to wait and left. Had he stayed, he would have gotten his interview as planned.”

Fuck.. Plot thickens … Who knows what to trust my friend, but I do know the cancellation was definitely not made by myself.

Tom Hardy

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Resisting the urge to dare you to say what you “rant tweeted” so publicly, to my face next time we meet, which I doubt you have the balls to do; I want to apologise regardless on behalf of those that misled the both of us. That isn’t cool. At all. Neither were your tweets. But that’s by the by.

I appreciate your apology of sorts in your emails to and fro which I am happy to openly post. Also as I hope you understand now and which you’ve made very clear in our emails back and forth, your legitimate frustration lies with those who organised the junket; who fed you and I misinformation; not me.

Again apologies for the clusterfk. And it’s knock on effect to your personal life. I appreciate it is a busy time of year for you and your time shouldn’t have been wasted. I never had any intention of causing you any inconveniences at all.

Best regards and thanks for calling me an asshole a lot
Tommy xxx

Well, I guess that clears it up from his perspective but I’m fairly sure this won’t be the last we hear about this by a long shot. In the meantime, here’s a link to Tom Hardy’s old MySpace page. Lol.



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