Awesome Time-Lapse Footage Of Incredible Piece Of Art


Check out some amazing time-lapse footage of an incredible piece of art by talented artist, Ted Kim.

We like a good piece of art here at Sick Chirpse. Saying that, we’re not necessarily any good at it but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate it, right? That’s like saying a priest isn’t any good at getting his chirpse on and can’t rate a good old chirpse when he sees one. Geddit? What I’m basically saying is none of us can draw for shit but wish we could and resort to dribbling over people who’ve got the talent of putting pencil/pen/crayon/blood to paper and create amazing art pieces for pure eye candy pleasure.

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If you’re new to us, then you probably won’t know this – unless you’ve done your research – but we sometimes feature artwork that’s good enough to sit alongside the other elechons of Sick Chirpse. Search through the site and you’ll find something, but here’s something to keep you going. We’re also avid fans of time-lapse stuff here and you should be, too, because that shit is not only great hangover viewing material but it’s also pretty intense all on its own and makes for standard smoking sightseeing.

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So, when I came across this video while I was YouTubing my day away, I knew that it had to be something all you Chirpsers would appreciate. Art. Time-lapse footage. Beautiful. The video was uploaded by a YouTube user with the name ‘Ted Kim’, who happens to be a really talented concept artist/illustrator – who lives in Canada – and has done a shitload of work on video games/books/card games/toys/comics. You can find his website here. Anyway, the video he’s uploaded is titled ‘a DRAWiNG’ (really edgy) and it shows him laying waste to the paper and creating an amazing piece of art that I really wanna chuck up on a wall in my flat. You’ll probably wanna do the same. But in your place, not my flat.

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