97 Year Old Man Creates Amazing Art Using MS Paint



This is pretty nuts in more ways than one. Firstly it’s pretty crazy that anyone can make artwork this sick use MS Paint. Secondly it’s even crazier that it’s not even a newer version of MS Paint but MS Paint 95. And finally I think it’s crazy that a 97 year old even knows what MS Paint IS, let alone how to use it.

But I guess this dude Hal Lasko is a bit more switched on than most 97 year olds – or even 16 year olds – about how to effectively use technology because some of these pictures are totally killer, and it’s kind of unbelievably to think that he used MS Paint to create them. Lasko used to be a graphic designer but as his vision failed as he grew older he looked to MS Paint and the computer to allow him to keep painting as he could magnify parts of the screen which would allow him to add the fine detail. I’m still not sure why he chose to MS Paint 95 but that makes the story even better.

Now that Hal’s retired he just spends his days creating art that he describes as ‘fun, not work’ and the pictures he creates really are phenomenal, both for a 97 year old man with impaired vision and for anyone utilising MS Paint. They combine the 8 bit primitivism of MS Paint with a skilled use of colour and composition that I guess only someone who’s been a graphic designer for the best part of 97 years can obtain.

You can check out some of his prints below and also watch a short documentary about Hal and his techniques below. If you like what you see check out his website and buy a print HERE.

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Hal Lasko 1


Hal Lasko 2

Hal Lasko 3

Hal Lasko 4

Hal Lasko 5

Hal Lasko 6

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