Dude, Where’s My Sandwich?


Miserable and hungover? Cheer up. This short film about a dude looking for his chicken sandwich will cure your hangover and help crack a smile on your grey face.


I dunno what it is, or why, but whenever I’m feeling a bit shitty – which is becoming as often as a 5am sunrise – I don’t wanna do anything apart from strip off naked and watch YouTube videos from the safety of my 5th floor flat. Naked: because there’s no air conditioning and in this heat being up here, you don’t have to pay for a sauna. It’s also good to be naked as I can tease the neighbours opposite with my stump of a cock. YouTube videos: because it’s just about the best way to procrastinate and watch people make tits of themselves/watch 90’s football clips/explore some pretty cool documentaries and, or, films.

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And I was feeling a bit shitty when I stumbled upon this beauty. You know how it is. You’ve been drinking the previous night and you’ve just about managed to get through a day of work without spewing all over your desk and you haven’t eaten food because your stomach is wailing and grinding so you’re really weak, like a newborn mouse. You get home and all you wanna do is chill out – get naked – and watch YouTube; randomly clicking on videos in the hope you’ll find something that’ll crease something of a smile across your grey, sinkholed face.

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Well, this video, or short film, did rip a smile across my chops. The story centers around a guy who’s either got the munchies or is hungover as sin (or just hungry) and he’s got an urge to chow down on a chicken sandwich that was leftover from the previous night. He goes on a quest to find the sandwich but it’s like a unicorn. Often spoke about, never seen.

The guy lives in a bachelor pad with a few of his buddies, and the house looks as if it’d be good to trash at a party so if there’s ever a party going on there, Sick Chirpse should definitely be invited. Anyway, the guy gets pretty distraught until he finds the sandwich in one of the most obvious places and then is as happy as a fat kid winning a Big Mac meal. Keep an eye out for the end credits as well, as there’s some cracking names involved.

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So, check it out Smile. Cure your hangover, you miserable beast.

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