How To Tie Your Shoelaces In One Second


Tying your shoelaces will never be the same again thanks to this lifehack which shows you how to do it in one second flat. Go!


I’ve never really featured the so called ‘life hacks’ on Sick Chirpse before because most of them don’t even seem that useful and are usually just really stupid, but this one completely blew my mind so I just had to share it with everyone.

The video has been around for ages so I apologise if you’ve seen it, but I’ve never seen it before and like I said it completely blew my mind so I figured there was a good chance a bunch of other people had missed it. It seems like my shoelaces are always coming undone too so this is bound to save me some time, and it will probably help you too if you ever wear shoes with laces in them.

I’m not saying it takes a long time for me to tie up my laces – I’m not a retard or anything, contrary to popular belief – but this method of tying your shoelaces is so revolutionary I think that once I get it mastered it’ll shave at least three seconds or so off every time I tie my laces, and that time all adds up you know. I think it would probably also be a pretty good way to impress chicks because I mean who the hell else would ever tie their shoelaces up like this? It’s dope.

The video also gets extra points for being presented by someone with an over enthusiastic voice and someone with a really camp voice. It’s hilariously awkward and also uses the phrases ‘fancy pinkies’ and ‘lobster claws’ which I just don’t really know what to make of.  Check it out below:

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