Lifehack: How To Fold A T-shirt Like A Pro

T-Shirt Fold

If you’re like me, you love a good folded t-shirt. It’s the key the happiness and success. Here’s a video of how to make that ‘pro-fold’ way easier.

T-Shirt Fold

If you’re like me, you love a good folded t-shirt.

There’s nothing better than opening your wardrobe and being greeted with a bunch of really neatly folded t-shirts. Now I’m not talking about a shitty fold that you used to do when you were younger and didn’t know was a shit fold at the time, I’m talking about the pro fold you get in most clothes shops. The fold that leaves the t-shirt square and with the front of the t-shirt visible. This fold is what it’s all about, and will make your day 10x better just by starting it with a t-shirt folded in this way. It’s all about freshness.

‘But I haven’t got time to fold my shit like that every time, I just throw it into my wardrobe and reach for it when I need it’ – I hear you say. Well man the fvck up and start folding your shit yo. You think you’re going to impress that girl/boy with a wardrobe full of wrinkled Primark t-shirts? Nah bro. But you’ll be getting girls/boys back for a 2nd visit if you demonstrate that you’re not a complete retard and can fold a t-shirt real nicely. Fact.

Someone’s made this type of folding a hell of a lot easier by building a folding device out of an old cardboard box that will fold your t-shirts into boss mode each and every time, with minimal effort. Granted, you’ll need to put in a bit of extra time and effort at the start, but the dividends that this piece of kit will re-pay you is priceless. Check it:

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