There’s A Scientific Reason Behind Why Everyone Hates Nickelback


Finally, we have an explanation.

Do you hate Nickelback? If your answer is yes that means you are a normal, functioning human in society.

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Nickelback has to be one of the most hated bands in the entire world. People have such disdain for them that someone even invented an app called ‘Nickelblock’ that plays their music every time you try to contact your ex. Like some sort of musical deterrent.

But why is it that they are hated so much? I mean, I know their music is wafty and that, but there are hundreds of bands in the world with equally as bad, if not worse music than theirs.

Up until now, I thought it was just one of those things, but thankfully Finnish student Salli Anttonen has produced a study that provides a scientific explanation as to why this band is so universally detested.

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The findings are as follows:

People can’t stand them because there’s not much there. And yet, there’s too much there.

Yeah, that’s a little vague. To break it down, Anttonen went through 14 year’s worth of Nickelback reviews and what he found is that the band suffers from an “authenticity deficit” in music journalist’s eyes. He says that:

Nickelback is too much of everything to be enough of something.

They follow genre expectations too well, which is seen as empty imitation.

And while this was not so irritating to people at the beginning, as their popularity increased, so did the animosity towards them. So basically their lack of originality combined with their insanely widespread coverage seems to piss people off more than it would with a regular crappy band. They’re famous and no one thinks they deserve it.

That still doesn’t explain how or why they are somehow still going, but I guess that will remain as one of life’s greatest mysteries.

Speaking of Nickelback, do you remember the time they released that terrible disco funk song? Not cool.


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