New App ‘Nickelblock’ Plays Nickelback On Your Phone Every Time You Try And Contact Your Ex

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This is the perfect tool to help you get over your ex.

Finally, it seems as though there’s a use for Nickelback in the modern world – other than to laugh at when they release ridiculous white boy funk disco songs of course – and that comes in the form of an app that will play their songs whenever you try to contact your ex in an effort to discourage you. It’s got to be ‘How You Remind Me’ right?

The app is called Nickelblock (nice) and it doesn’t just stop you from calling or contacting your ex via Twitter or email or Snapchat or whatever, it also stops you from looking through their pictures as well. So basically it’s the perfect tool to help you get over your ex. I’m surprised something like this hasn’t been invented before.

The video below explains how it works:

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OK so that obviously isn’t real, but it’s a good idea isn’t it? Someone with a brain should really develop this now because I can see it being a really useful tool for people trying to get through break ups. Seriously.

(I double checked to see if this was real before I wrote that and it definitely isn’t, but there is worryingly an app called The Nickelback Vault which contains feature like ‘a map of key places in the band’s history’ and ‘a large, incredibly challenging Nickelback quiz to test your knowledge’. Jesus.)

Although on the other side of the coin, here are six reasons why Nickelback are actually absolute legends. Who the hell wrote that?


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