The Only Footage Of The Eclipse Worth Watching

From the ground the recent eclipse was 100% RUBBISH. But from the air it was totally spellbinding.

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Last week’s solar eclipse came and went like a mediocre dose of the squits. No one saw frig-all. It was rubbish. It made me never want to get excited about anything ever again, a complete and utter let down.

The whole of northern Europe was posed, locked and loaded, all waiting for this miraculous event that was completely ruined by the UK’s mortal enemy – Mr B. Cloud (the ‘B’ stands for ‘Boring’ by the way).

But, we shouldn’t give up on the wonder of celestial movement, it’s not the heavens’ fault that England’s weather is consistently gash. The video below reignited my passion for staring into the sun for dangerous lengths of time. It shows a sped up view of the eclipse taken from an aircraft. Note to self: make sure you are above the clouds next time something like this happens.

The airliner is effectively racing the moon’s shadow as it powers across the surface of the earth, and G-whiz does it look amazing. The shadow is travelling at a ferocious 3,000 km/h. Full screen this bad boy for maximum “wowzers” effect:

See what I mean? That’s amazing isn’t it? A puny human craft racing a gigantic lump of rock hundreds of thousands of miles away. It’s just a gentle reminder of how very, very small and insignificant we are.



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