The Invitation Looks Like The Creepiest Movie Of The Year

The Invitation Movie

There’s nothing more sinister than a dinner party between old friends.

I said the other week how we hadn’t had anywhere near as many creepy/scary movies coming out this year as last year, but then we get Rob Zombie’s 31 and Lights Out in the space of a couple of weeks, and now we have The Invitation.

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It’s not a scary/horror movie in the traditional sense of the word, but more of a psychological horror where the feelings of dread and paranoia are ramped up during the unconventional setting of a dinner party. Having said that though, a dinner party could probably be one of the most sinister settings ever.

In the movie, a guy called Will is invited to his ex-wife and new husband’s dinner party in the house that he used to share with her. The couple split after the tragic death of their son, and although Will thinks that his hosts have more sinister intentions, the movie cleverly plays on his grief, paranoia and instability so that you’re never really sure of anyone’s intentions or what is going on.

It looks tense as hell:

Well, it kinda looks like things do get a little deviant towards the end of the trailer, but I guess the fun will come with seeing how all this unfolds and whether the main character is just being a paranoid weirdo or there really is something going on with his old friends.

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