This Guy Sent A ‘How To Break Up’ Text To The Girl He Wanted To Break Up With

Unbelievably awkward.

A guy wanted to break up with his girlfriend recently and thought that his sister would be a great advice giver. Which makes sense – sisters are there to give good advice after all. But this guy completely cocked it up by sending his sister’s advice to the girl that he wanted to end things with.

To be honest, you’re a bit of a pussy if you even attempt to break up by text anyway. His sister’s advice begins with suggesting that he writes, “so long, and thanks for all the fish” (whatever that means) and:

It was great getting to know you. Internet dating’s a little random and we had fun, sorry that it didn’t work out. Good luck!


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Sounds like something from a text book on how to break up and the good luck part is just sickeningly patronising – thanks sis.

After that he texted saying:

You’re a really lovely girl, but I’m just not getting that spark, sorry. Nice getting to know you, though.

Nice backwards compliment there, and does anyone actually talk about there being a spark in real life? Then he realised what a fuck up he made of the whole situation and frantically texted her saying:

Sorry for the other message, my sis was helping with the drafting. Cringe.

Cringe indeed. I think she’s better off without him. Maybe she should read this five step success plan for internet dating.


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