Tekashi 6ix9ine Has Signed A $10 MILLION Record Deal In Prison

The saga continues.

If there’s one thing that’s going to piss off Tekashi 69’s enemies more than the fact he’s snitching on them in court, it’s the news he’s signed a record deal worth over $10 million from prison.

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As per Complex, the rapper will receive the money from record label 10K Projects in exchange for two albums once he’s released from prison. Apparently the plan is for one of the albums to be in English and the other in Spanish.

No word on what will happen to the deal if Tekashi gets a lengthy prison sentence – he could get up to 47 years for his part in gangland activities but if all goes to plan and his court testimonies lead to the convictions of his former friends and gang members the ‘Trey Nine Bloods’, he will do a considerably lighter sentence or perhaps no sentence at all.

There was also the option of Tekashi going into witness protection, but he already turned that down because he wants to carry on being a famous rapper (not to mention he has ’69’ and other dumb tattoos inked all over his face and body that would make witness protection pretty impossible).

A source told Page Six:

It looks like he will be making music right away when he comes home.

He already contacted a young NYC producer, and someone purchased two beats for him.

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And there we were thinking that the guy who made a career out of rapping about how much he hates snitches would have no fans left after turning out to be one of the biggest bullshitters in rap music. Looks like Tekashi is still popular enough to sign a $10 million record deal from inside a prison cell, which I guess will help to pay the 24/7 security for himself and his family once he leaves prison as public enemy #1.

Only question that remains is when will Tekashi 6ix9ine be released from prison? If he carries on singing like a bird it shouldn’t be too much longer.

To see the massive tattoo of Tekashi 69 that his girlfriend got on her tit to prove her undying love for him while he’s in prison, click HERE.


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