Check Out The Tallest Teenager In The World, Already On His Way To The NBA

Tallest Teenager

Of course he is.

We’ve featured 7’7″ basketball teenager Robert Bobroczky before on the site, where a year ago he was learning how to play basketball in the prestigious Stella Azzurra academy in Rome. Things have changed drastically since then.

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Robert has now moved over to the Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio – an Olympic/American basketball training institute – where he’s just made the Varsity team despite only being 16 years old. What an incredible achievement, but I suppose a lot of it is down to his height. However, coaches are also quick to say that he has a lot of talent too and is dedicated to becoming the best he can be in the sport.

Robert himself is trying to pack on a lot of muscle to his wiry frame to give him a real chance against people in the NBA:

I’m mostly trying to get my body stronger and better.

I’m eating 4,000 calories per day in 7 different meals and want to weigh between 220-230 pounds by the end of the season.

I’m also working on my speed, mobility, and every part of my game.

Considering he’s only 16, he sounds like the kind of kid who’s absolutely going to make it in the future as a pro player. Probably only a couple of years before we see him in the NBA. Can’t wait.

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