Cancer Center In Brazil Disguises Chemotherapy Treatment As ‘Superhero Formula’ To Help Kids Fight Cancer


A cancer center in Brazil has come up with a ‘superhero formula’ which makes the treatment of cancer a bit more easier and even fun for kids suffering from the illness.


Cancer is a real bitch. We all know someone who’s been affected by cancer, some of us might have even suffered from the illness, and it’s likely that all of us understand that the illness can, and does, cause a lot of distress and pain to a lot of people worldwide, constantly.

As I’m writing this and as you’re reading this, there’s someone out there who’s sadly passing away as a result of the illness and there’s someone out there who’s being diagnosed with the big C and has to enter a new phase of their life where they have to make the most of every moment and fight for their survival.

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A lot of people in my family have died due to cancer and I know that it’s pretty devastating news when you find out that someone you’re close to has been diagnosed. There’s something about the word that already leaves you with a feeling of separation before the person has even undergone treatment and I know that you shouldn’t really feel that way but it’s just an instilled mindset, I guess. The people in my family who’ve died from it have all been older guys and even though they did their best to fight against it, sometimes cancer is just too strong and there’s not much you can do.

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Cancer doesn’t just affect older people, though. It affects everyone, the young and the old. It’s especially hard when a kid gets diagnosed with cancer because they look too little and too fragile to deal with a thing so devastating, but it doesn’t matter to cancer whether you’re young or old because it’s a selfish bastard. But, even though it’s hard for the kids and other people alike when a child gets diagnosed, a cancer center in Brazil has come up with an awesome idea that makes the treatment that bit more easier and less frightening for them to deal with.

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The center is called A.C. Camargo and the idea they’ve come up with is to disguise the medication into a ‘superformula’ which involves the IV having a superhero emblem/logo printed on it and they’ve also produced comic books and animations which show superheroes being diagnosed with cancer and fighting against it.

Most kids love superheroes and seeing their favourite characters going through the same process is not only more of an instigator to encourage them to keep on fighting but it also transforms the treatment from a scary experience into an experience which they’ll feel more positive about and it also allows the doctors to explain the treatment they’re going through in a more understandable and even fun way.

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This is an awesome idea and I really hope centers in the UK develop something like it as I haven’t seen or heard of anything similar here, and anything that makes the treatment of cancer easier and results in a positive experience for sufferers is a winner.

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