Collection Of Super Slowed Down Sounds

If you like slowed down videos you will love slowed down sounds. Listen out for the penguins though…. scary.

Scottish Bird Songs

I reckon if you slowed down most bird songs they’d sound pretty ace (except penguins), but this video happens to come from Scotland, so they’re Scottish birds. I can’t detect an accent though.


Canadian Bird Songs

Same deal as the last video, here’s some Canadian birds being progressively slowed down. Haunting.


Mario Mushroom Sound Effect

Mario sounds are obviously going to be cool at any speed and at any time of the day or night. Here’s the mushroom sound at normal speed:


…and here she is slowed down 500%, it really shows off her hidden and enchanting complexity:


If you want to listen to some sounds that are so slow and low they have to be sped up to be heard by the human ear, try this link below…

☛ More Weird Sounds: Unexplained Underwater Sounds — Kraken?

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