Collection Of Super Slowed Down Sounds

If you like slowed down videos you will love slowed down sounds. Listen out for the penguins though…. scary.

Here at SC HQ we love watching videos of things slowed down, I think most people in the world do. Suddenly an everyday occurance, like a balloon bursting or whatever, looks completely different and totally awesome. A few days back Sick Chirpse mainstay, the eloquent and erratic Mr Tim Williams splurged out a post showcasing the sound of crickets slowed right the bejeezus down. It sounds weird, check the link at the bottom of this page for that doozie. So I thought I’d have a YouTube meander and see what else sounds brilliant slowed down. It turns out, most things do.


Now there’s an animal you don’t see or hear very often, or ever, in the UK. This is what they sound like when you drop them to 22KHz. PS bats aren’t blind, just so we can nip that in the bud…


Dial-Up Sound 700% Slower

Thankfully, the hideous sound of a 90’s dial-up internet connection is a thing of the past. The noise itself is the sound of data which has been converted into sound being passed through the phone lines. That’s pretty darned abstract if you think about it. A bit of information, converted into a sonic pulse that vibrates your inner ear. Don’t think for too long about that one.

It really was a horrible noise, but if you slow that bad boy down it feels like the sound track to a stroll through a frozen, enchanted forest etc.


Microsoft Windows 95 Startup Sound

The startup sound for Windows 95 was actually written by Brian Eno, and he wrote it on a Mac. Brilliant. He hates PCs and says he’s never used one in his life. According to Eno, when Microsoft approached him to make the sound they gave him a massive list of about 150 adjectives that he had to make his sound achieve, like sexy, driving, provocative, nostalgic, sentimental, the list went on. At the end of the brief it also stated that it had to be no longer than 3.8 seconds. I wonder how much he got paid?

In case you’ve wiped the archaic soundscape of Windows 95 from your neural files, here’s what it sounds like at a normal pace:


Now here’s what it sounds like 23 times slower. A vast and sinister improvement.



As birds go, penguins are rubbish at singing. It’s just a horrible noise, and if you slow it down 30 times it gets worse. It’s actually terrifying. Skip it in to 55s to hear Satan’s voice in the form of a slowed down penguin. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that there’s no point listening to it for the full 6.5 minutes.

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