‘Subway Creatures’ – The Biggest Freaks & Weirdos On Public Transport #7 (NSFL)

Includes pole dancing rats, violent psychopaths, and how to catch train AIDS 101.

A while back we compiled a collection of videos showcasing the biggest freaks and weirdos travelling the globe on public transport. It did pretty well so we thought why not do it every week?

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Let’s have a peek at some of the more peculiar passengers riding the subways and undergrounds of our planet:

Standard bit of rodent pole dance action on your morning commute.

Can’t even begin to imagine the number of diseases that just entered her body through her feet.

Oh God no. That poor child.

What the…?!

Who indeed.

Yes, this man is walking his bananas on the subway. Could they be therapy bananas?

If it stops her from biting fellow passengers then fair enough.

Build a Wall around the New York subway please.

Someone’s in a hurry.

Anyone looking for a babysitter?

This lady does not skip leg day.


Absolute rock star in the making.

If the doll looked over too I would be off that train in a heartbeat.

Maybe he’s a speed reader? Nah you’re right, blatantly another subway lunatic.

How the hell did they just leave one behind? 😂

Don’t want this hat. NEED this hat.

You know you’ve got problems when the employee on the platform is recording too.

That’s normal.

Next level Tinder swiping.

Aaaand we’re done.

For another edition of Subway Creatures, click HERE. Features extreme PDA, near death experiences and one girl’s guide to catching train AIDS.


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