‘Subway Creatures’ – The Biggest Freaks & Weirdos On Public Transport #4 (NSFL)

Extreme PDA, near death experiences, and one girl’s guide to catching train AIDS.

Few weeks back we compiled a collection of videos showcasing the biggest freaks and weirdos travelling the globe on public transport. It did pretty well so we thought why not do it every week?

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Let’s have a peek at some of the more peculiar passengers riding the subways and undergrounds of our planet:

That’s what you like to see on your morning commute.


What happened to “see something, say something”?

Get me off this train.

Logistics ain’t this guy’s strong suit.

How to catch ‘train AIDS’.

Just living his best life.

Pass the time by literally eating your travel card. 

There’s a lot going on in this video.

Can someone come and collect their friend please?

Just another day on the New York subway.

Either that’s the new Motorola razor phone or this guy is seriously contemplating self-harm.

Make yourself at home buddy.

Defo twins.

Stand clear of the closing doors. Or at least try.

Extreme PDA.

Oh lovely a pitbull on the loose. 

That… was close.

Did he just… put his pubes on her head?

O…K. We’re done now.

For last week’s edition of Subway Creatures, click HERE. Features a suicidal pigeon and a guy eating a giant emu egg.


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