‘Subway Creatures’ Is An Instagram Account Showcasing The Biggest Freaks & Weirdos On Public Transport (NSFL)

Pure nightmare fuel.

The term ‘nightmare fuel’ gets thrown around a lot around here, but it’s pretty much perfect to describe some of the horror shows you can find on the New York subway.

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I mean you get your fair share of weirdos on the London underground and public transport in general, but some of the lunatics showcased on the ‘Subway Creatures’ Instagram page need to be put on some kind of watchlist ASAP.

Let’s have a gander at some the best/worst of the bunch:

If this guy pulled out a knife and stabbed someone it would be the least surprising thing in the world. I cannot believe how calm everyone is around him. It appears New Yorkers are so used to these bat shit crazy characters that they barely even took notice of him. Terrifying.

Just casually browsing through ‘thicc’ black girl photos like some kind of manual version of Tinder. Except he can’t swipe and match them, which is probably for the best.

Munching on a stick of butter like it’s a Mars bar or something. I mean this might be the most legit terrifying video of the lot, purely because this dude seems otherwise… normal? Well, compared to the rest of these freak shows anyway.

There is no way that’s healthy… for the rat.

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No Pants Subway Ride #subwaycreatures (@mrnycsubway)

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Exactly what you want to see on your morning commute.

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Camo #subwaycreatures

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Casual subway camouflage not making the rest of the carriage uncomfortable in the least.

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Wait for it… #subwaycreatures (@darksidejap)

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OK… that one was just laugh out loud funny.

Absolutely ruined that poor dude’s day.

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[SOUND ON] #subwaycreatures (@highlytales)

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Apologising for stinking up the subway with his farts. Well that’s considerate, I guess. But still very weird and creepy.

Nope x 1000.

Notice how there’s no one sat anywhere near him. Wonder why?

Fair play to the driver for keeping those doors firmly shut. As the caption says, some serious shit was about to go down and we could have ended up with a completely different video altogether. Hmm… maybe open the doors next time.

Just some guy and his pet dinosaur – no big deal.

I have no words.

OK, we’re done now.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom on the New York subway. Sometimes people actually get along and communicate with each other. All it takes is someone to spark up a joint and pass it around. Friendships guaranteed.


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