‘Subway Creatures’ – The Biggest Freaks & Weirdos On Public Transport #3 (NSFL)


Couple weeks back we compiled a collection of videos showcasing the biggest freaks and weirdos travelling the globe on public transport. It did pretty well so we thought why not do it every week?

Let’s have a peek at some of the more peculiar passengers riding the subways and undergrounds of our planet:

Getting some practice in.

Sorry but if this guy’s getting on the carriage, I’m waiting for the next train.

OK that was pretty great.

Going to work.

Even the pigeons have had enough of life on the New York subway.

Yeah, really close mate.

Casually eating a giant emu egg and feeling good about it.

Are you kidding me?

That was clever.

Black cat on the tube? I can’t believe that only terrified one person.

I’ll take the stairs.

Fuck. That.

Commuters in Japan also hate their lives.

I think the lady said it all there.

I can’t look…

O…K. We’re done now.

For last week’s edition of Subway Creatures, click HERE. Features one of the most irritating subway trolls you’ll ever see.


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