Watch This Stupid American Redneck Shoot A Hole In The Roof Of His Own Truck

American Redneck Shoots Bullet Truck Roof

More evidence why stupid Americans shouldn’t be allowed to bear arms.

Everyone knows the fact that Americans are allowed the right to bear arms and therefore guns is completely stupid and ridiculous, and it couldn’t really be exemplified anymore than in this video (aside from horrific videos of people shooting each other of course – that goes without saying).

In it, some dumb redneck is leaning his rifle on the top of his car aiming at something – I assume some poor animal in the forest – and saying dumb hick phrases like ‘shit’s about to get real son’. Then, when he finally takes aim, it blasts a hole in the roof of his truck. Dumbass.

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I guess the sight was out. Or this fool has never shot a rifle before. One or the other. In any case what I really wanted to see was the front windscreen because that would have to be at least cracked after the bullet went straight through the roof of his car right?

This is just another example of why absolutely dumb American rednecks shouldn’t be allowed guns when they don’t even know how to fire them properly. I mean it’s lucky that that guy didn’t fire it into another person his aim is so terrible, kinda like when this moron shot himself in the head by accident trying to take a selfie with a gun.


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