Teenager Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Head Whilst Posing With A Gun For A Selfie

Teenager Shoots Himself Taking Selfie

Is this even surprising?

The guy you see above you is probably one of the dumbest people in history, as he managed to blow his brains out whilst posing for a selfie with a gun for his Instagram account. You ain’t gonna get any likes when you can’t even upload the picture bro.

The 19 year old kid’s name is Deleon Smith and he resided in Houston, Texas. Apparently he found the gun yesterday with his cousin and immediately started taking pictures of himself with it to look like a badass  -and who can blame him when Instagram accounts like this are absolutely huge – but unfortunately he was the complete opposite of a badass and instead of looking cool he ended up blowing his brains out.

There’s no news of where he found the gun yet but understandably his family are devastated, with his grandma Alma Douglas saying:

It’s the worst feeling of my life.

A numb feeling. It’s like still unbelievable.

Yesterday was my birthday. He came to wish me a happy birthday. And then to hear this kind of news. He was starting community college tomorrow.

I also feel terrible for his two young daughters.

Deleon Smith

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To be honest if you’re old enough to have two kids then you should probably be old enough to know that posing with a loaded gun for a selfie is never going to end well. It’s also not going to be easy for his two kids growing up without a father, and also for them to eventually discover the reason they don’t have a father is because he was so dumb he blew his head off whilst posing for a selfie. Seriously, that’s gonna be a major bummer when they find that out.

Having said that though, this completely sucks for everyone involved and our condolences go out to his family. RIP. If anything can come from this though, it should be that selfies are stupid and taking ones that risk your life is the dumbest idea ever.

Don’t do it, and whatever you do don’t get so wrapped up in selfie culture that you try to commit suicide when you can’t take the perfect one.


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