Two Drunk Uni Students Arrested For ‘Aggravated Assault’ On A Duck

Serial killers in the making.

Two students over at Central Alabama Community College have been arrested after they allegedly beat up a duck with a baseball bat and left it for dead after a campus party.

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Thomas ‘Landon’ Grant and Jacob Frye, both 19, are accused of taking the white Muscovy duck from a pond at the Alexander City campus following a booze-up for college athletes.

The two of them beat it with a bat, then took it to a nearby apartment where they decided to ‘put it out of its misery.’ That’s nice of them…

Police say the teenagers then continued to pound the animal before chucking it out into a wooded area during the May 5 incident.

They were busted after a coach heard the commotion and came to investigate what had happened.

The wounded duck was discovered still alive and was later taken to a vet where it had to be euthanised.

The coach contacted the uni which contacted the police, leading to both students being arrested and facing expulsion from the university and its baseball team.

What a week it’s been for Alabama. First we met the crackhead who keeps a methed-up attack squirrel locked in a cage at his home and now we’ve got these two losers getting drunk and abusing ducks for fun. I mean you have to be a real psychopath to treat an animal that way.

Let’s hope they don’t duck punishment. Sounds like the police are taking this seriously and at the very least their uni/college athletics careers are finished. They better just pray they don’t run into this duck in the meantime.


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