A Royal Rumble Broke Out In Mid-Air On A Spirit Airlines Flight This Week (VIDEO)

There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.

We all know tensions have been running high in airports in the post-pandemic travel world, but things are now really getting out of hand.

We’ve seen a whole bunch of fights take place in airports themselves these last few weeks, but I think this is the first time we’ve ever seen a scrap take place in mid-air. Mama mia!

Here’s another angle:

What could possibly cause a bunch of people 40,000 feet in the air to start tearing clumps out of each other? I’m sure it had to be for a good reason, right? Well, maybe not…

Ah yes, the old ‘kicking the back of my seat’ classic that occurs on every flight ever. Most people just endure it in silence or have a polite word with the person behind them, but it’s just so perfectly American that this managed to spill out into a full-on Royal Rumble way up in the skies. Never change, America.

To watch the massive fight at Luton Airport the other week that left three people injured and 17 arrested, click HERE.


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