Massive Fight At Luton Airport Leaves Three People Injured And 17 Arrested (VIDEO)

Reckon the warranty on that suitcase is still good?

It was just the other day we blogged about a fight in the departure lounge of Miami Airport and made fun of Americans for being the only country where this sort of thing seems to happen.

Welp, right on queue – a fight broke out at Luton Airport at 8am last Friday that resulted in three passengers being hospitalised and 17 arrested:

Ouch – wonder if the warranty is still good on that suitcase? According to MailOnline, the brawl erupted after a man threw a bottle at another who was insulting a woman he was travelling with. Who the hell has that much rage/energy in them at 8 in the morning?

Seems like this is becoming an international problem in the post-COVID world of travel. Just like the examples we’ve shared from our Yank friends over the pond, it took an age for police/security to turn up, which is never good in an airport setting. On the plus side, 17 people were arrested and put on a no-fly list, which is a lot better than the Americans manage. So we’ve got that going for us at least.

To watch a transgender woman blast TSA after airport scanners flagged her body parts as an ‘anomaly’, click HERE. Very unfortunate.


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