Another Day, Another Utterly Ridiculous Airport Brawl In America (VIDEO)

What is going on in America?

Is fighting in airport terminals just a regular American past-time these days? It seems there’s a new video every other day, with this latest example taking place at Miami Airport after a flight to Chicago was evacuated for whatever reason.

Internet scuttlebutt seems to suggests it had to do with some passengers not sitting in their assigned seats and others not wearing masks, but whatever the case it was enough for the Spirit Airlines pilot to demand everyone return to the gate, where this then happened:

Jeez, I know Spirit Airlines is basically the Pound Land of air travel but this still isn’t something you expect to see at an airport. In just the last couple weeks I’m pretty there’ve been at least three airport fight videos doing the rounds, and all out of America. What the hell is going on with our Yankee cousins over the pond? And where the hell are the police/security?

I guess it was only a matter of time before air travel became as grimy and depressing as subway/underground travel, and no doubt the whole mask and COVID situation hasn’t helped. No choice but to accept that this will increasingly become part of the experience from now on. Just keep your wits about you and your phone at the ready because you just know another one of these is coming any day now.

For the massive fight that broke out at the same Miami Airport last week, click HERE.


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