5 South Korean Super Star Celebrity Suicides

Being a celebrity in South Korea pretty much quadruples your chance of topping yourself. What’s going on there then?

2) Daul Kim (1989-2009)

South Korea Celebrity Suicide - Daul Kim

Kim was a fashion model, blogger and artist. She was a regular in Vogue, I-D and many of those other shimmering fashion rags. Kim enjoyed her international cat walk debut at Paris Fashion week in 2007. She was voted model of the year in Anan magazine in 2008 and in 2009 moved to Paris to work as a model for Next. The world was very much Kim’s oyster.

On the 19th November 2009 Kim was found literally hanging in her Parisian apartment. What went wrong? Apparently she had been depressed and frustrated for years and readers of her blog had seen her writing violent, angsty posts about self mutilation and suicide.

She was the 9th South Korean celebrity to kill themselves in 2009.

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