The Sopranos Creator Finally Explains The Final Scene Of The TV Show Shot By Shot

Sopranos Final Scene

Finally, everything we ever wanted to know about that scene.

Sopranos Final Scene 9

The tension is quite high now, but if you think about it, for no real reason. Who’s in the place? A guy in a jacket, Cub Scouts, a young couple, a trucker in a hat, a couple of black guys in there to buy some candy. There’s no real reason for the tension to ratchet up. But it does. And that’s what I love, how you make that. Of course, a tremendous amount of that happens in the editing room. You’ve got the pieces and you’ve got the intention, but who do you come back to and who you don’t, what’s the expression on their face. I think that’s what montage and editing do best. And music. They play with time. You’re going, ‘come on, hurry up, no, slow down, no, hurry up, no, no, no, slow down.’ That plays with your heartbeat, because that’s the real clock.

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