The Sopranos Creator Finally Explains The Final Scene Of The TV Show Shot By Shot

Sopranos Final Scene

Finally, everything we ever wanted to know about that scene.

Sopranos Final Scene 11

I tried to build the tension and suspense as much as possible. That’s why I could go back out to Meadow and her car-parking. I could use all that stuff to affect the pace. I think almost every director is thinking about the pacing. That’s what directing is. I did want to create the idea that you would wonder if something was going to happen in there. Meadow is filled with nothing but very, very deep emotions about parking her car. But possibly a minute later, her head will be filled with emotions she could never even imagine. We all take this stuff so seriously–losing our keys, parking our car, a winter cold, a summer cold, an allergy–whatever it is. And this stuff fills our mind from second to second, moment to moment. And the big moment is always out there waiting.

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