Someone Remixed Billy Steele Getting Knocked Out To ‘Blue Monday’ And It’s Spectacular

How does it feel?

You know that you’ve made it as a viral star when someone creates a remix video about your moment of fame and I’m sure that racist Billy Steele will feel the same way after someone created a mash up of New Order’s classic ‘Blue Monday’ with him getting punched as all the snare hits.

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To say that it’s spectacular would be an understatement:

Lol, that just makes the whole incident even better doesn’t it? All the different angles for the different drum hits are excellent as well. Really hope Billy Steele himself sees this and feels like more of a knob than he must already do after being the major viral trend of the week for being a racist dickhead who got knocked out. 10/10.

I suppose we should say here that assault isn’t cool and it isn’t really that great of the dude to knock Steele out, but when you’ve been subjected to a racist tirade for about five minutes then it’s kinda understandable that he snapped. Maybe one of the only occasions where it’s justified to knock somebody out?

If you want to see the full Billy Steel tirade, then click here. You’ve probably already seen it a bunch of times but


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