Racist Man On London Underground Gets KO’d Into Oblivion With One Punch (VIDEO)

What did he think was going to happen?

A man calling himself “Billy Steele” got on the Central Line in London this weekend and started mouthing off some racist nonsense at a group of black lads sat in the same carriage.

How do you think that turned out for him? Let’s have a look….

Welp, looks like Billy Steele will from now on be known as Billy Glass Jaw. Obviously we’re not condoning any violence here and it’s always awful to see someone get sparked out cold and look like they’ve died in the middle of a Tube carriage, but it would’ve been surprising if this didn’t happen given the vile shit this prat was saying, and especially at a time where society is actively combating attitudes like his.

I see a few people complaining that it was a sucker punch, but still pretty impressive that the assailant had the composure to wait until he reached his stop to KO the guy. Don’t think he could have landed it any sweeter if he tried. That follow-up kick to the armpit was pretty brutal too.

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