Someone Has Created A Big Mac Pizza And It Looks Out Of This World

Big Mac Pizza

Oh boy.

Completely bizarre and unhealthy but insanely delicious food combinations are absolutely awesome and it seems like not a week goes by when there isn’t another one brought to our attention.

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This week, it’s the turn of the Big Mac Pizza which is a truly monstrous creation that only the most gluttonous of us will be able to chow down upon. This is probably the most junky of all junk food options in history.

It uses two pizza bases, with Big Mac sauce, burger patties, cheese and onions sandwiched between them. Then you whack the same ingredients on top of this, because it’s a Big Mac so it’s gotta be double stacked.

And then French Fries of course, because you can’t really have a Big Mac without French Fries, can you? After that, bake for 20 minutes and you’re golden:

Jesus. I reckon that would be delicious but after about two slices I don’t think I would be able to eat anything for a week. Holy shit where do people come up with this and how is the guy in the video not a humongous fatass? I do not get it.

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